José Terol - Bass

José Terol - Bass Player José Terol - Bass Player

José began studying the classical guitar in 1973 at Valencia's Conservatory of Music.

In 1977 he swapped the nylon strings for metal ones and for several years played electric guitar with several locally successful "orquestas" (Metropolis, Costa Blanca). Then in 1986 he moved to England, the cradle of European rock'n'roll, to learn first hand more about the music that he loved.

It was there that he landed a job in Brighton playing with the band Overdrive in a new role as bass guitarist. "The Spanish bassman" made a bit of a name for himself and ended-up being invited to London to play with the London-based quintet Street Blues, where he stayed for over a year (and where coincidentally he saw a young Graham Foster perform with his band Little Sister).

Then in 1989 he returned to Spain and went on to play with various groups in many different styles, a high point being the LP "Cielos Rojos" by the group Alerta Roja who, after three years of intensive work and after winning two prestigious Valencian rock competitions, disbanded and for several years José went back to the world of the "orquesta" (Mediterráneo, Continental). He has been a member of the Graham Foster Trio since 2004.

British music is his favourite: The Beatles, Dire Straits, Supertramp, Pink Floyd etc. and he cites the veteran Willie Weeks (Rolling Stones, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder ..) and Lou reed's John Prakash as two of his favourite bass players.

His main instrument is a Fender Precision Bass Special (equipped with Lindy Fralin pickups) and he uses Marshall VBA400 and Fender '59 Bassman amplifiers.

Fender and Marshall