1997 AFJ Custom Telecaster

Custom-made for Graham by Toni Fayos

AFJ Telecaster Custom
Graham's main guitar, front view Graham's Telecaster, custom-built by Toni Fayos in 1997 Graham's guitar, back view


  • Ultra-light swamp ash body
  • '60s-style "C" neck with bi-flex truss rod
  • Indian rosewood "slab" fingerboard, compound radius 10" to 16"
  • Stainless steel jumbo frets
  • Three AFJ Vintage Alnico III pickups
  • Custom-wired standard 3-way selector: bridge, middle/bridge or neck/bridge via mini toggle switch, neck
  • Classic Telecaster bridge with '60s grooved steel saddles
  • Gotoh Kluson-style vintage tuners
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs
  • Fender Original 150L strings (.009/.042)
Graham Foster with Toni Fayos
Graham with Toni Fayos

The other stage guitars:

  • 1994 Fender Telecaster Special. Open G tuning. Three Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster pickups. D'Addarío EXL145 strings (.012/.054)
  • 1989 Fender Santa Rosa acoustic. Fender 60L Bronze strings (.012/.053)

The stage amps:

  • 2012 Fender Blues Junior III
  • 1994 Fender Pro Junior
  • 1987 Dean Markley K-50