Graham Foster Band - Booking

tel: (+34) 676 282 350


There are three booking options available:

1) Without sound equipment
The organizer supplies the sound system - the band supply guitar/bass amplifiers and drums only: stage plan. For festivals, sports centres, theatres, etc.. They have participated in numerous festivals: Cazorla (three times), Cerdanyola, Monzón, Antequera, Getxo, Alicante, Cruzeiro Rock, Jazz del Palau de Valencia, San Javier, Country Beer Blues ...

2) With a complete sound system
For theatres, clubs, terraces etc. with a capacity of up to 200 people.

3) With a minimal sound system
For smaller venues or venues with volume problems, the cozy "unplugged" version with a minimum of equipment.

Graham Foster Trio

Jazz Festival, Valencia, 1997 Black Music Festival, Salt, Girona, 2007 International Blues Festival, Cazorla, Jaen Jazz Blues, Zirkuitoa, 2006 International Blues Festival, Cazorla Macro Biker and Rock Festival, Valencia, 2007