Damián García - Drums

Damián García - Drums Damián García - Drums

Damián started playing the drums at the age of ten and has played professionally since the age of nineteen.

He studied music theory and percussion with José Sanroque (Cullera Conservatory of Music) and has received drum tuition from several renowned teachers such as Felip Santandreu (Mapex endorsee), Narso Domingo (Sedajazz) and Quim Sole (Barcelona School of Modern Music).

For several years and with various lineups he delighted audiences throughout the peninsular with his mastery of a wide range of rhythms and dynamics. In 1998 he joined Graham Foster's Night Train with guitarist Salvador Moncho, bassist Brad Marriner and later organist Mauri Sanchis, touring extensively with them.

In 1999 as part of the Graham Foster Group, a trio with Steve Emery on bass, he recorded the double LP "Live in Overdrive".

Damián has also played from time to time with The Rockets, a trio with Jools Cooper and Tommy Duffy (Lindisfarne) on guitar and bass respectively. He recorded the LP "Ten Years On" with them.

He has participated in numerous jam sessions with artists such as Santi Campillo (M-Clan), the bassist/composer Amadeu Adell, session guitarist David Gwynne (Miguel Rios), British singer Terry Bennett (Sassafras) and guitarist Tonky de la Peña (Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Miles) and many others.

His musical tastes are eclectic: the hard rock of UFO and Led Zeppelin, the symphonic rock of Yes and Genesis, the blues-rock of Cream and Albert King.

His favourite drummers include John Bonham, Phil Collins and Jim Keltner and he uses Sonor drums and Paiste cymbals.